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You’ve been dreaming of this moment since you can remember – Your wedding. One day that will live in your memory as something truly magical, a day so perfect that time will seem to stand still. Maybe you’ve changed your mind a million times about the dress. Maybe your bridesmaids are the girls you met in kindergarten. One thing’s certain – you deserve the wedding of a lifetime, regardless of budget or time constraints

We know price is important when selecting party favors for weddings, engagement ceremonies, house warming parties, birthday parties and new baby parties, but we also recognize that taste and innovation are much sought-after intangibles. You can trust us – we get it. Our design editors have road tested each and every party favor we offer. We know you want to be elegant without being flashy, fun without being cutesy, and above all, we know you want to be original. No worries. Each season we bring you the newest, coolest wedding favors, the best of the best, the ones that will really impress your guests, leaving them with small tokens of your thanks and warm memories of your special day.

Handmade party favors are considered by many to be one of the most rewarding parts of wedding planning. A well thought-out handmade wedding favor is of far more sentimental and conversational value to wedding guests than even the most elegant and expensive of party favors. Above all, a handmade party favor is something that is as unique as the hands that prepare it and the thoughts that conceive

Give your guests a sweet token of your affection, tucked in a favor box that says "your presence here is the best gift of all." Included are some of our favorite ways to make your presentation pop, from satin ribbons to shimmering bows. But we don’t stop there. We’ve got everything you need for your engagement parties, bridal showers, birthday party, new baby parties, house warming or any other occasion.